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2020 Vision

Posted by Joseph Christian on Sunday, December 8, 2013,

2020 Vision of Doors in (Mat 24:33) that Christ MUST pass through

Please help get this 2020 Vision out to the world = this end time generation which the Bible assures us "shall not pass", is soon coming to pass. This end time generation will pass before the year 2020 = (2019.?, I believe Scripture is telling us that it is before February 6th of 2019. This is only the door,(deadline) which this Mathew passage not only tells us that we are allowed to know, but in the original Greek text, it is...

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working free energy machine

Posted by Joseph Christian on Sunday, December 8, 2013,

Free energy is now a reality


I have a working free energy machine in my house

It is my electric wheelchair, or any electric wheelchair with the settings change

- to max torque,(small pulley) and max speed,(large pulley).


A detailed diagram of this device is at


At this website I will also tell you how my Father has shown me this amazing discovery

This mechanism workings is so simple

that it seems obvious


That’s because it is a Gift...

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my accident journals

Posted by Joseph Christian on Sunday, December 8, 2013,

These are my Journals, which I wrote for assignments, in a communication at the N.S.C.C. in Truro. My thought afterwards was, that maybe I wrote these journal more for me, rather than the teacher,,, I have been sooooooooo thankful that the teach gave us our choice on what to write about. I hope that you will gain insight on the turmoil that my God has brought me through, as well as enjoy reading these ...

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