Free energy is now a reality


I have a working free energy machine in my house

It is my electric wheelchair, or any electric wheelchair with the settings change

- to max torque,(small pulley) and max speed,(large pulley).


A detailed diagram of this device is at


At this website I will also tell you how my Father has shown me this amazing discovery

This mechanism workings is so simple

that it seems obvious


That’s because it is a Gift from the God

I say God, because I can’t be sure of Who in the Triune God of the Bible

Was the Personage that Shared this with me.


I know that it is His Holy Spirit is the Personage that resides inside me

But I thought it was the Father was the One that Knows new technologies

In any case, I believe that we are told to always give our thanks to the Father


I was thinking about the Tribulation Saints

And how hard they will have it trying to stay alive

Especially in the Great Tribulation,

Which is the second half of the Tribulation


When they will be hunted down by authorities

Having to be off the power grid

Where they will need free energy power supplies


So I asked my Father if there was any way to help them

I thought that there must be a way of gaining free energy

Otherwise, how could the Tribulation Saints survive our Canadian winters

I knew that they could not use fires

As fire and its byproducts would too easily give away their location


So I figured that there must be a way of easily generating free energy

I asked God if I could help in any way


First He shared the image of a 10-speed bicycle

How if you could go up hill in tenth gear,(lest rotations of pedals)

And then back down the hill in first gear, (greatest rotations of pedals)

You would be working hard to pedal up hill in tenth gear

Then peddling your feet off the paddles on the way down

And with electricity, the more rotations usually means more electrical power


Then later, I found it described in Ezekiel 1:16

Where it was described as the workings of a UFO

Where all “chariots of fire” are another name for our UFOs

This was conformation that this came from God


Come on guys + girls


We could be using pulleys to multiply our power

Instead of buying more oil to generating it


Your extremely large drive motor pulley only has to turn the once

And your output pulleys rotate hundreds of times

Then you could add tens of these mini pulleys


By only expanding the size of belt connecting them

With each turn of the output generators (could be tens of them)

You are multiplying your power

You now have made yourself a free energy machine


Your Bro,

.   .   .   joe