these are rules that God has set for us to live by

My beliefs are:


(1)-There is a real God = God does exist, He created this world, and He is the God of the Bible,

(Rom 1:20)= For the invisible things of him from the Creation of the world are clearly seen,,, so that they are without excuse

- all of the wondrous complexity of creation proves it,

- fulfilled Bible prophecy proves it, =(this is what convinced me)

- the Bible Code proves it,

(2)-He is a personal God, He loves us, and He lives within Us = in the form of the Holy Spirit,

(3)-Jesus is God, = Emmanuel, God with us, (Mathew 1:23)

(4)-the Trinity is Truth = I believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One God,

             (Gen 1:26)= And God said, LET US MAKE man in ourimage

             (Mat 6:9)= After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven

(John 1:1)= In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

             (John 4:24)= God is a Spirit,,,

(5)-This world, (or world system) is run by Satan

(II Cor 4:4)= In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which

believe not

(6)-I believe in the pre-trib rapture, += that will happen before the 7 Hebrew years of tribulation

(Rev 4:1)= a door was opened in heaven,,, Come up hither,

(Mat 24:31)= his angels shall gather his elect

(Luk 21:36)= pray that you may be able to escape

(1 Thes 4:17)= after, we still alive will be caught up with them

(Rev 3:10)= I also will keep you from the hour of temptation

(1Cor 15:52)= in the twinkling of an eye,,, the dead shall be raised,,,

and we shall be changed in a flash,

(Tit 2:13)= Looking for that blessed hope, AND the glorious appearing

(He comes twice)

(7)-The Holy Bible is truly the inerrant Word of God, there are no mistakes, only mistranslations,

Do you believe our Righteous Teacher would test/judge us on a flawed Textbook?

(8)-The earth is only about 6000 years old, fossils can only occur with quick burials, like in local flood or avalanche. Quickly, so that they are not eaten by animal or microbes

(the evidence is everywhere,,, this world system just chooses to ignore it)

· the fossil strata of the earths crust was laid down by the flood in Geneses

· otherwise, why is the soil next to the fossils the same as everywhere else

o instead of a different thickness + type, because flood or avalanche soil

(9)-The Bible Code is Truth, it is real, and accurate, yet cannot be found until it happens,

Proof is everywhere, just read one of the many books on the accuracy of the writings on

our prominent modern day events, this includes names of people + places + even dates that  they happened. (who knows how much of His-story is recorded/encoded in there )

(10)-We are now living in the "End Times", the time just before Christ’s imminent return,

(the doors of Mathew 24:33, which we are commanded to know, are 2019.1+2025.9)

1st Door = Feb 5.5 = Israel MUST sign the 7 year peace treat before the February 6th, 2019


(there is soon to be a New King in town )

With so little time left,

,,, less than seven years,,,

I would like to work 24/7,

But although I have been known to go 3 or 4 days,

without any down time,,,

I usually pass out,

for two to three hours most nights,,, lol

I love God,

with all of my heart,

and I want to assist Him all that I can,

an incredibly inquisitive mind,

He teaches me all that I ask,

I hope that I maybe able to shake up this world,

I want to dissolve this evolution hoax/fairy tale,

so that I can tear down the paper walls of this world system,

I would like to know how these scientists explain,

-how the earth has been orbiting the sun,

--for millions, if not billions of years,

---without the fuel burning up long ago,

,,, and if they think that they can make up a good excuseor that one,

I would hit them with,,,

- how do you explain it remaining in orbit

-- while our Sun shrinks,

--- as it burns off its fuel,

---- giving us the light we so desperately need,

And not only the earth,

-but how about the rest of the planets,

--how did they all stay in their orbits,

---with the diminishing size, (+ gravity pull) of our sun,

----over such a great span on time,,,

sun = fuel burning out, it could not be billions of years old

moon = leaving its orbit in few tens of thousand years + life cannot exist without it, (dead oceans)

proton decay = all matter in universe has an expiry date,,, and there is none being made anymore,

Atomic structure = everything,(all matter) is made up of atoms

- we still have not figured out all of the complexities of how they are formed

- nor do we know what they are made of

- we only know that they have massive amounts of energy in them = (atomic bombs)

radio active material,,,

- how is there any radio active material still left on this earth,

- wouldn’t it all have been decomposed long ago,

- or does that mean that the earth had to start out being 99,9% radio active material

I have a slam dunk,,,

Something that is indisputable

Something that is measurable science

Something that proves the age of our universe

It is space dust, it is everywhere

It is coming down all the time,

It has been coming down since creation started

So, why can’t we measure it on the moon

Where nobody has been there to disturb it

from the beginning of time

God gave me this mind for a reason,

Maybe I can become a “John the Baptist” to ”that prophet”

As in, a forerunner to him

I want to help others learn about God

I wish that I could find a way to take,

Some better, (more accurate) IQ tests,

I scored 135 on a free online test that was rated accurate to 120 = (+ 15)

I scored 165 on a free online test that was rated accurate to 145 = (+ 20)

And with God’s Help,

(John 14:26) = “He shall teach you all things”

I believe that I would be able to best every IQ test that they could throw my way,

I wish to use this mind,,,

to challenge the scientists of this world system,

showing them the Signature of God on all of Creation

Your Bro,

. . . . . . . joe

Just one of His creations:



All of these things are original and

I have published these to declare them pre-owned by me

without patenting them for myself

I heard that this will open them up for public use

so that everybody can use them freely

also many will be able to modify them legally

this way we can have many creative people

working on modifications and advancements

to this advanced type of virtual reality


I was hoping to start a group of entrepreneurs

to rapidly advance any new type of technology

for virtual reality gamers as well as

making + finding best uses for the emulator joystick

I have always dreamed of futuristic joysticks

being able to modify them to be spefcialized

for any particular game I was playin

The joystick that He shared with me

has so many different measurable movements

that you always seem to have motions to spare

and then there is the additions that came to my mind

of rotary switches on each of the fingers = 4 more

and then the joystick for the thumb adds another 2

giving you a grand total of 12 activating switching units

for each of your hands even = 24

that is a dozen times the 2 directions of the standard joystick

these are some amazing gifts from the God of the Bible

for all of the world to use freely

I did my job of bringing these ideas to the front of the class

the ideas are out there, now lets see what people do with it

the Tribulation Saints will need to easily get their hands on this

so the first thing we should be doing

is fighting to get everything switched to this free energy

to the new clean and cheap way of free energy

so that everything is run by free energy generators

for the Tribulation Saints to get their hands on this technology 





My discoveries


The Lord has allowed this warrior to discover many enlightening things,


(1) - I try not to use the words “I am”,

as I have come to believe that this is a Title for God.

because in Exodus 3:14 God says:

“Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

and the third commandment warns us,

Exodus 20:7=”You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain'
Mark 13:6 = “
For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ

and in my King James version the word Christ is in a different font,

meaning that the word was not there in the original Greek text,

so it should say “many shall come,,, saying I am


Have you noticed that lately,

there have been a lot of commercials,

that use “I am” in them,

I noticed this first with the “I am Canadian”commercial,


Notice how it is used more in TV shows and movies,

People that boast say “I am” right,

“I am” the boss, “I am” the best,

or some other very proud statement.


(2) - I know that the Trinity may be a problem for many people,

so I asked for some enlightenment,

and I believe that the Good Lord has shown me,

a good way of explaining the Trinity doctrine,,,

the Godhead is a Trinity

and man is also made in three parts

GOD . . =(like)= man = defining traits

Father . . =(like)= mind = in charge, brains, intelligence, memory

Son . . . =(like)= body = your frame, the part that does + contains everything

Holy Spirit=(like)= soul = personality, temperament, emotions, will

(I know that the Trinity=God consists of three different Personages)

(while man is made of three parts, we are only one being)


(3) - Aliens and ghosts are a part of reality,

Flying saucers and haunted houses really do exist,

they are just not what they pretend to be,

ALIENS are not further evolved creatures,

nor are GHOSTS the spirits of dead people,

They are both spirits though,,,

Spirits of fallen angels,,,


pretending to be other than they are,

in order to deceive us humans,

into believing that the Holy Bible is false,


Angels are all male,,, there are no female angels)

(God only wanted a limited number = no offspring)

(He did not create any female angels)

(fallen angels took women as wives = Gen 6:2)

(and had children = Nephillim = corrupting the gene pool)

(so God wiped them all out in the flood)


Just like before the flood, (Geneses 6:2)

I believe that aliens will make their selves known to earth,

even appearing on TV,

shortly after, or immediately preceding the rapture,

probably giving a crafty explanation for the disappearances,

of all the born again Christians, (John 3:7)


(4) - Since becoming “born again”-(in 88),

I have always known in my heart,

that we were the generation spoken of,

in the Bible, that got to see Christ return,

and I was always looking for proof,

to show both believers, and non believers,

just how close His coming was,,,

in all of His Glory and Power,


It seems pretty obvious to me.

that we are now living in the end times,

Even though so many people do not pay attention,

to the many signs of the times all around us,

Now I have mathematical proof from the Bible,

that we are indeed the final generation,

meaning that we will get to see Christ return to this earth,,,


This last generation started in 1967.441

when Israel took control of Jerusalem

this is because the tribulation is the last week

of Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy

which a prophecy concerning Jerusalem = (holy city)

He shared this with me some time in 2003-2006


(I don’t understand why this was not figured out earlier)

(this could have been discovered ever since the six day war)

(I guess that we just had to wait for His timing)


He has shown me some extremely unique things

(5) – the first gift that He shared with me,

was the very same weekend that I became born again

I believe that He showed me a complex new joystick idea

which rapidly came in waves of intricate visions

each view was gaining more depth in complexity

this “joe-stick” has linear motion in all three axis’s

as well as the ability to rotate in all three axis's

giving you six activating motions

instead of the regular two

front to back + side to side

of the traditional joystick


(6) – more recently, (approximately 2002)

The Lord chose to show me the wildest new type of

virtual reality game room

where you are held in the center of a room by cables to a belt

standing on a carpet of ball bearings

so that you can walk + run in place


He chose to show me the wildest new type
of virtual reality games room
where you are held in the center
of a room by cables to a belt
standing on a carpet of ball bearings
so that you can walk + run in place

For video, how about the ceiling, floor + all 4 walls

having your video game projected on them

so the game graphics move around you

It makes it like you are actually inside the video game


(7) – some time before I left the nursing home

(remember, I have memory problems = closed head injury)

I cannot remember many details, like names + dates

But I can remember the day that I cried out to God

and He was so loving to answer me,

I ask for a way to help the tribulation saints

so they could better make it through the rough tribulation

especially during the great tribulation

when they will find themselves running for their lives

off the power grid and hiding out in nature

One amazing gift He has shown me

is a Free Energy machine

which uses geometry size change in pulleys

to actually multiply power



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