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--- Hello, my name is Joe Lynch, and I happen to be a middle-aged Canadian, who also happens to be paralyzed. But I don’t let that, nor anything else in this life, to detract from the feelings of great joy. I speak of the joy of being blessed to be designed by His Mind,(Father), built by His Hand,(Son) and then I even have Him,(Holy Spirit) with me throughout this amazing journey. In short, I happen to be extremely thankful for being given a part in His world of Creation.


--- I speak of this awesome gift of life, which the Lord has Built for us. I was always a very energetic, easygoing, adventurous, fun loving guy. Oh ya,,, one more very important thing about me,,, something happened to me,,, something that changed my world, and my appreciation of life. I met God,,, or should I say that I read His Signature. I don’t know about you, but I don’t happen to be accustomed to seeing His Handiwork.


--- It was a Bible Prophecy, the one about Jesus entering Jerusalem on the correct day, or should I say, it was how through a former Rule in the Bible, of giving a second chance, after ten times the original prophecy. It was Israel getting a second chance at becoming a nation, on the exact day that equals ten times the duration of the original Prophecy! That revelation, happened to be a big part of my becoming Born-Again, which always seems to bring me great joy, in most all situations. I would also like to think, that I'm somewhat intelligent, even after the closed head injury of the last accident, where my heart stopped twice, and then they not only thought about pulling the plug, but did pull the plug, on the machines that were keeping me alive!!! So I guess that its now true, what people have been telling me all my life, that I'm brain damaged,,, lol.


--- I don’t know about you, but I didn’t happen to be accustomed to seeing His Handwork. It was bible prophecy that blew off, this dark shade of deception about our existence and purpose. It is a hold that Satan has on the world. It was the prophecy about Israel becoming a nation,,, on the exact day it happened!!! That blew me away, and started my new journey. I had to become born-again with that revelation,,, discovering that logic said, there was indeed a real God. Knowing Him, and learning more about Him, always seems to bring me great joy, in all situations. I would also like to think, that I'm somewhat intelligent, even after the head injury of the accident, where my heart stopped twice, and then they thought I was brain dead. They gave up on me, and not only talked about pulling the plug, but they did pull the plug,,, on the machines that were keeping me alive!!! So I guess that its now true, what people have been telling me all my life, that I must be brain damaged,,, lol.


--- I have also been told and I'm not too hard on the eyes,,, lol, which is only one more reason, for me to be thankful to my Lord. Ever since my youth, I have always been a go-getter, making things happen. In my elementary school years, I was blessed to have a friend who lived on a farm, where I built a nest of hay tunnels, for playing tag in. Of course I knew where all the hidden tunnels and camps were.  In high school I had parties almost every few weekends. I guess that I never let school become so difficult, that I could not find time to have fun. As in, I always finished just enough homework to get me by,,, lol. That, along with a wonderful mother named Hazel, who taught me the true meaningful things of life, which were not what you have or know, but the attitude you hold and portray, through bad times as well as good.


--- Part of the spirit that my mom instilled in me, was to always try and find a way to see the good in all things, and people. I try to learn from my mistakes, and use any of the setbacks to my advantage. I believe in making the best out of things, including your setbacks, (like Romans 8:28). For instance, I had to stay back a year from university/college, so I used the time to do something for my mom,,, as well as myself. I built a 16’ X 32’ X 2 story place to work, play, and live, on the side of my mom’s house. I managed to do this in the extra time that I had off from school, because of being able to get in good with the teachers, as well as the office staff. I managed to work it out so that I only had to go to the one class a day,,, yessssss.


--- I have tried my hand at college,,, three times: first - two years of Electrical Engineering at UNB in Fredericton, then - one year of Computer Graphics Specialist at COGS in Laurencetown. Now - I’m about half way through a two year of Information Technology degree at NSCC, to learn the insides, and how computers do what they do. I even have the government pay the tuition + books for me to go. Then by the EAPD dissability provision of the government, I've even gained two grants to buy myself these computers, desktop and laptop, that I'm working/playing on. Now that’s what I call using my disabilities to my advantage,,, lol


--- I figure that I should have realized long ago, that there was a real God, One that was looking out for us, even before we knew about His existence, or believed in Him. It was either that, or I was part cat, and had 9 lives,,, lol. One of my many accidents that I had was with one of my motorbikes. Some lady pulled out of her driveway, right in front of me, I could not believe that she did not see me, or even look my way. I had no time nor distance to slow down, or even swerve, so I t-boned her car, between the front + back door. I hit the roof at waist level, at about 70km/h. The bike and I flew up and over the car, and skid about 100 feet down the road.


--- I can’t even come close to explaining the feeling, of having both of your hips being ripped out of their sockets. The hip pain was intense, sometimes excruciating, and ever present from that day on, even on the maximum dose of painkiller which they would allow me to have. I do not have a tendency to complain, nor did I apparently have the ability to vocalize how intense and constant and agonizing the pain was. I guess that is why my doc did not take the intensity of my pain serious. It was permanent, and my life would never be the same again. So I did what everybody told me to do, and sued the driver, for all that did for me. Of the money that they settled for, I did not see very much of it myself. Oh well, at least it bought me a nice red sports car to go to the states, on my honeymoon,,, lol.


--- Since my last accident, I don’t get as much exercise, but I still have a good reason for not gaining weight though. I don’t enjoy eating much now, as all solid food makes me nauseous. But I do still enjoy the taste, so I just nibble on my food. That way I can keep it down easier, but don’t get me wrong, I rarely get to the point of bringing the food back up,,, thank God. When I feel real nauseous, I just switch to Ensure, a flavoured nutritional food supplement. But I don’t use my pain meds very often lately, as I try and bare the pain and nausea as much as I can, and only take them when it becomes intense. Which is not very often, especially since I had my church pray for my easing of the pain. He was gracious enough to listen, (I know, He always listens) and take away most all of the steady intense pain. That was the best medicine that I have ever had prescribed for me. It is very effective, none invasive, and has a cost which I can handle and afford,,, prayer and faith.


--- I'm so thankful for my knowing God, before my last two automobile accidents. Especially the one in the late 80’s, which damaged my hips, causing me immense pain, and affecting my will to live. The other was in the summer of 1996, which left me paralyzed. If it were not for knowing Him, I would have surely not have survived, the twice when my heart stopped, and the time they thought that I was probably brain dead. Thankfully my bro said NO, when they asked if my family wanted them to discontinue the machines. The machines that were keeping me alive!!! He told me, that the reason that he knew that I was still inside my body, was that he saw something in my face, that he had never seen before,,, fear. I should say, that I would probably not have wanted to survive either accident, if I did not know Christ. Coming to believe that this time on earth, was a mere needle prick,,, when we consider eternity. First was the one that caused me so much pain, and then the second one that took away the pain, unfortunately only for a while,,, and also the use of my legs. An injury which I still hope that He will heal me of, before the Rapture. Both accidents took more than I had in me, to be able to accept,,, all the problems that came alone with them. But my Lord is faithful,,, He comforted me, and gave me the extra strength that I needed, to get me back into life.


--- I must state, that I do truly believe in God,,, with all my being,,, the God of the bible, the only true God. I believe that He created us, and truly loves us; even the ones who choose to ignore Him. I also believe that He wrote every Word in the Holy Bible, using human hands, as His pen. I love logic, which told me, if God existed, He would somehow make it clear to us, out of all the religions in this misguided world, which one was True, and Him. I believed that He would make it very clear, and the Bible was surely the front contender, with all of the Truth that it had in it. I think that the Bible has proved itself very worthy of being used for a life manual, showing right and wrong behavior,,, (10 Commandments, medical and nutritional advice, morals, and much more,), and it’s vast proven historical accuracy. But more convincing, are all of the fulfilled prophecies,,, and then there is the Bible Code,,, that is beyond any explanation. They are both very real, and truly work,,, just take an honest look at either of them,,,,, it will change your life,,,,,, for the better.


--- I was born in February of 1964, and then born again in the late 80’s. My first love is Jesus, and I study His Word often, (I try to every day,,, it is fun to me), but there is definitely room for a close second,,, (as in a girl), lol. The accident did not seem to slow me down much; I'm still quite active, as I like the outdoors, and I usually only sleep about 3-6 hours a night. The way I figure it, there is not enough hours in the day, to be wasting a third of it sleeping,,, right!!!,,, lol. I like most movies, and music, but I have all but given up on the mind numbing effects of TV, and use it more as a background entertainment, while doing something else. I like to talk, about lots of things, things that I know something about, and things I don’t know anything about. I always like to learn new things; after all, I think that is one of the reasons that we are here on earth, to learn things, including right from wrong,,,


--- He has blessed me with so many things, and I only hope that He will show me how to use them for His purposes. I have been given the talents to draw, and create unique things in my mind. It is only getting the ideas from the theoretical concepts in my mind, and into the real world, on paper, so others can get a look at it. Putting it in a form with substance and practicality,,, that is the problem. This is where I seem to have a problem, losing all steam, because of my lack of sufficient resources and funds. I have many things on the shelf, waiting only for His timing. Just a few of them are: I have a new type of joystick, with many times, (7-11 times) the activating mechanisms of the regular one, (which is only two). This mechanism effectively measure the three dimensional movements of most every motion that any part of your hand can make. I even have a few ideas on how to gain environmentally friendly, renewable sources of energy, from God’s own creation,,, like gravitational, magnetic, and biophysics,,, because these  forces that are free, and ever present. Unfortunately, I have no way of testing these out, or get anybody to take me serious enough, to test them for me.


--- I also have ideas that I'm not sure that He would let me share,,, like: An electronic communication and info collecting and storage system, for every participant in the military conflict perimeter. This unit would be armored as well as being integrated to any of their own personal body armor. This unit would be connected to a full body electrical harness that would have strategically placed, friction fit, automatically connecting sockets, that would connect to all vehicles, equipment, tools, weapons or defensive devices that this individual ever used. Not only recording all of the battle tactics used against/by each type of opponent, and monitoring all weapons and equipment both sides wielded, and the results of their uses. This unit would immediately uploading the soldiers preferences in settings, to all devices, vehicles, or smart weapons that he touched. Efficiently making the soldier the most effective that he or she could be, in the positions that they found their selves required of, at that particular moment in time,,, as “battle time” can vary from second to second. This would not only make them more versatile, but more effective and integrated, but with a small transmitting and receiving device, they could all share the battle info, about what weapons works best against each opponent, in real time.


--- Some of my greatest enjoyments in life, are math, logic, science, and factual provable truths,,, I like things that you can work out for yourself, through logic and mathematical calculations, through laws of math, nature, chemistry and physics, to prove it for your own self. He has given us an amazing brain, which I heard that we only use ten percent of. I think that He would like us to use it more, instead of taking what we see in our books as Gospel,,, maybe we should be questioning everything.. God says that He has written His moral laws on our heart, (sorry that I don’t have the scripture passages, but check back, because I will keep working on it). 


--- I believe this, internally we know when we do right and wrong. How did these feelings evolve. I thought that if there was a real God, then there had to be a way to prove it. I found a book that changed my life,,, “Armageddon”, by Grant Jeffrey. This book held the proof that I needed, numerous fulfilled prophecies. All these prophecies are well documented. The greatest prophecy was the one that stated the time that the Christ would come to this earth, to save the Jewish people, and to the rest of humanity. Jesus came into Jerusalem, on the exact day, that was a prophecy hundreds of years earlier, (sorry I don’t have the verse, but I will retrieve later). It went further though, even to our modern day, predicting that the nation of Israel would come back into existence. It even predicted the very day, May 15, 1948,,, I had no more need to search, the Bible proved itself the True Word of God.


--- I know that you’ve heard that Christianity is all about faith, and I don’t mind saying, that words like “blind faith” made my skin crawl. I live in the real world, where if you are blind, somebody will take advantage of you, and lead you astray. Then I became born-again, let me tell you what being born-again is like,,, It is being excited about life, like never before,,, being full of peace, joy, contentment, comfort,,, and everything is new. It is truly like being born again, into the knowledge of what life is truly all about. You look at all things in a different way, your priorities change, and you can find great joy, and marvel, even in the littlest of things. It is truly a new birth, into an eternity of knowing for sure, that all things will work out for the best, (Romans 8:28). This is because we have His Word, which can always be trusted,,, fulfilled prophecy proves that.


--- Trust me, the world is in for a dramatic change, before the year 2020, (I calculated this from “the generation that sees all these things, shall not pass”, [including Jerusalem in Jewish hands], which happened in 1967.5 + 51.6 = 2019.1 is the first Door/deadline (Rapture). If we minus seven Hebrew years of tribulation (6.9 solar) = the door for Pre-Trib is 2012.2.


--- The lies about there not being any flood, Satan's lies about evolution being the creator of man, and the false scientific studies about age of the earth. These will all be shown to be only flimsy “theories”,,, I only pray, that He will bless me, to have a part in it..


--- Now I have trust, and am gaining more faith, as time goes by, and I see that He is not capable of any lies,,, sometime the truth hurts, but it helps your growth. Just think about it,,, the Bible has never been able to be proven wrong. Don’t you think that this secular world, if it found some error in His Word, they would have run it on every TV channel and news paper, from here to Timbucktwo


--- I like to laugh, joke around a lot, and like a lot of people, get my digs in; but only in fun, and not with people that take it too seriously. I can be quite witty at times, and then very serious, when it's needed. I do still drink occasionally, but only on special occasions , and not to get drunk.



--- I do not see how people can believe in this EVil-sOLUTION fantasy.

How could a big bang = explosion, create the atomic structure of the

massive # of, as well as all the different types of atoms in our large list of

atoms in the atomic chart or periodic table of elements. Especially since

man, with all of his great intelligence, still cannot build even one of the

most simple atomic structures.




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