PLEASE BE AWARE =                                2020 VISION

Why the pre-TRIBULATION started on MARCH 14, 2012

+ why the TRIBULATION MUST START by ot before February 2019

but it will happen before the year 2020 starts


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Why Christ MUST return,,,

Within the next six years,,,

Before the year 2020

that is why I call it a 2020 Vision 

Yes that means,

by or before,

February of 2019 starts


Derived from the two verse in Mathew,,, 24:34=

(Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.)

and 24:33=

(So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.)

Along with calculating a generation by using the linage of Christ,

in Mat 1:17=

(So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and,,, fourteen generations; and,,, fourteen generations.)

The reason that I feel so confident in this duration for the end time generation,

is that this is the same duration that was used to accurately predict/state when the nation of Israel was to be reborn. Right down to the exact day even,,,


Let me show you God’s Doors of (Mat 24:33),,,
this is something that we are not only allowed and encouraged to know,

but in the original GREEK, it is worded  as a command,       

“KNOW that it is near, even at the DOORS” = (Mat 24:33),


I want to show everybody these doors,



                   (that I have herd so much about)



    that God says,,,

(but of that day and hour knoweth no man)

- (Mat 24:36)

But the verse that I want to bring to your attention an earlier verse,

where I hear that in the original Greek,

this phrase is worded like a command,

(KNOW that it is NEAR, even at the DOORs)

- (Mat 24:33)


because of the comma separating the two items, (that was how the scholars interpreted it)

I believe that He is telling us that we will be able to KNOW both Doors,

We can know just how near it is, by giving us the last day of His deadline = Door

or Doors.

I think that God is telling us that we are able to calculate when these Doors, (deadlines)

will occur, and I believe that He has now shown us how to find these Doors.

By starting from the day Israel regained control of Jerusalem,

as this was the last happening of (all these things) in (Mathew 24:33),

before the last week of years in (Daniel 9:24) can begin,

This was the beginning of the last,(end time) generation,

our generation is the last generation before the second coming of Christ,


Then adding the time elapsed for a generation to calculate one Door/deadline

to the date Israel took control of Jerusalem

this gives you the first Door-(deadline)

if you add the duration of the tribulation\,

this gives us the other Door

which is the Door for His Glorious Arrival


For those of you who do not believe in the rapture,

If Jesus was only going to return the once,

and there was no such thing as the rapture,

Then why would He give us miltiple deadlines=Doors in (Mat 24:33),

One is our (blessed hope) in (Titus 2:13),

(I Thes 4:17) =(we which are alive,,, shall be caught up,,, to meet the Lord in the air)

and the second one is for His Glorious appearing,

When Christ's feet will touch the earth,

At the end of the tribulation,


A day that the tribulation saints will not only know,

But will be counting the days until,

And anxiously looking forward to,

How can this be the same day as (Mat 25:13),

=(for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh)


Is 2020 the end of the world?....


YES,,, it is the deadline, (last year)

for all those who are born again


God has shared this 2020 Vision with me,

a vision of His DOORS in (Mat 24:33)


which we are not only told that we can know,

but we are told that we must know,

In the original Greek,

it is worded like a command,


I got this through logic, and studying the Bible,

(Mat 24:33) - says (know that it is near, even at the DOORs)

Doors is plural,,, maybe this represents His Two Comings,


Once in the Rapture,

(I Thes 4:17) – (we which are alive,,, shall be caught up,,, to meet the Lord in the air,,,)


And once in all His glory, when He sets His feet on the earth again,,

(Rev 19:11-16) – (I saw heaven opened,,,  His eyes were as a flame,,, on His head were many crowns,,, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS)


This is what I have come to call my,,,



The reason for this date setting title,

Although I hesitate writing these words,

because of there being such a stigmatization with date setting,


I do not claim to know when,

the Knock (rapture) will come,


I just want to show everybody the (DOORS)

or, the must happen by/before date,,,,,,,,,

which we are allowed to know,

We are even commanded to know,



|  Hello there guys + gals,  <<< FULL PERMISSION OF ANY REPRODUCTION  >>>      |


|                                                                                                                                                    |

|  I want to send this discovery to all the churches (on the web + off) that I know of,               |

|             to see if they know how I could be in error,,,                                                               |

|             or,,,,,,,,,,, is this really the Truth,                                                                                   |


|                                                                                                                                                    |

|So, Please send this out to everybody you know |



I feel an urgent necessity,

for this news to get out to the world,,,,

because all Christians should know these facts,

that we have less than six years left,

to make a difference for our friends and family,

before the rapture of the Bride simply MUST happen,


I believe God’s timing is getting very near,

and I have uncovered some hard facts,,,

      about there being a certainty of reasoning,

Why Christ simply MUST return,,,

before the year 2020.

                               it also has duel meaning,,,

                                                20/20 is perfect vision,,,

(with my +5 bottle bottom glasses, this is sure not from me,,, lol)


I do not wish to start any panics,,,

but what I wish to start,

is this End Time Revival,

that I have heard so much about.


There is a lot of 2012 hype out there lately,

Yes,,, 2012 is a very significant year,

And yes, this world is coming to an end,

Or should I say,

this WORLD SYSTEM,,,,,,,,,,,,


Now hold on,,,

our world is never going to end,

Proof = (Isaiah 45:17) + (Ephesians 3:21) - “world without end”


and then using 51.6, (calculated from 14+14+14 in Mat 1:17)

that totaled 2019.1,,, (explanation below)

subtracting (6.9 solar) = the 7 Hebrew year for the Tribulation,

We get 2012.2  as the start of the pre-Trib,

+ 2019.1 + 6.9 = 2026.0 the Door for His  GLORIOUS ARRIVAL

This way, we are shown both of the doors,



So 2020, (2019.1) is the DOOR,,,,,

Or should I say, one of the DOORs,

And 2026, (2025.9) is the other DOOR,


Calculating the last date that the rapture may occur on

|365.25           \                         Jan 31 + Feb 28 =59         

|div 10               \                        73 – 59 = 14

|    36.5               /   LAST DAY FOR RAPTURE TO OCCUR:

                                     DOOR 1 = FEBUARY 7, 2019


(at the end of tribulation)     DOOR 2 = 2026



This thought came to me a few years ago,

while I was thinking about the verse,

about how we would know when His coming was near,

and the part about (even at the door)

sounded like a deadline to me,,,


I believe that we are the generation that will not have to experience death.  

and I was convinced, that God would give us fair warning,

of just how close His coming was.


I think that He is telling us that we can KNOW how close it is,

by giving us the deadline,,,

or showing us the door,,,

but we still don't know when His Knock will come, (the rapture).


The reason that I happen to be very confident about using this duration,

for the time span for the final (generation),

is that it was the same duration used to accurately predicted the date,

May 15, 1948,

which was the rebirth of Israel

= ( taken from a book by a well known Canadian author )


It was this realization that my Lord used,

To help me learn to trust the Bible,

and soon become born again,

Way back in 88,,,


So,,, now we take 1967.5,

and then add the 51.6 years for the generation,

where it is said "this generation shall not pass".

That gives an end date of 2019.1,,,

but certainly this must happen before the year 2020,,,

That is why I call it my “2020 VISION”


Now, going by my whole-hearted belief in,

the pre-trib rapture,


This means 2019.1 is the last time for the rapture,


When Christ will return for His Church=(Bride)

(Titus 2:13) = (looking for that blessed hope AND the glorious appearing)

-          this verse with the “and” tells us of both comings,

-          the rapture, and His Glorious appearing,

o       at the end of the tribulation

(I Thes 4:17) = (then we which are alive,,, shall be caught up)


Sooooo,,, message to all of us who are born again,

We Christians have less than six years,

to try to make a difference in this world



Generation =

We are told that there are 14 + 14 + 14 generations from Abraham to Jesus in (Mat 1:17)

14 + 14 + 14 = 42 generations

2,167 is the year for the Birth of Abraham.


/42 =


51.595 years = generation,,,


I have been struggling with this,,,

for a few years now,

trying many different ways,

to get someone to listen to me,

with no positive replies so far,


So,,, I will just have to double my efforts,

and continue to keep doubling them,

until I get someone with authority to take me serious,

and join with me, in trying to get this word out,


In my whole life,

I did not ever think of myself,

as the person who would tell this world,

it was at all over,,,,,,,,,,,,


(there is soon to be, a New King in town )


With so little time left,

,,, less than one year,,,

I would like to work 24/7,


But although I have been known to go 3 or 4 days,

without any down time,,,

I usually pass out,

for two to three hours most nights,,, lol


I love God,

with all of my heart,

and I want to assist Him all that I can,

as I believe that He has giving me,

an incredibly inquisitive  mind,

He teaches me all that I ask,

I hope that I maybe able to shake up this world,


I want to dissolve this evolution hoax/fairy tale,

so that I can tear down the paper walls of this world system,


I would like to know how these scientists explain,

-how the earth has been orbiting the sun,

--for millions, if not billions of years,

---without the fuel burning up long ago,

,,, and if they think that they can make up a good excuse for that one,


I would hit them with,,,

- how do you explain it remaining in orbit

-- while our Sun shrinks,

--- as it burns off its fuel,

---- giving us the light we so desperately need,


And not only the earth,

-but how about the rest of the planets,

--how did they all stay in their orbits,

---with the diminishing size, (+ gravity pull) of our sun,

----over such a great span on time,,,


sun = fuel burning out, it could not be billions of years old

moon = leaving its orbit in few tens of thousand years + life cannot exist without it, (dead oceans)

proton decay = all matter in universe has an expiry date,,, and there is none being made anymore,

Atomic structure = everything,(all matter) is made up of atoms

-          we still have not figured out all of the complexities of how they are formed

-          nor do we know what they are made of

-          we only know that they have massive amounts of energy in them = (atomic bombs)


radio active material,,,

   - how is there any radio active material still left on this earth,

   - wouldn’t it all have been decomposed long ago,

   - or does that mean that the earth had to start out being 99,9% radio active material,


God gave me this mind for a reason,

Maybe I can become a “John the Baptist” to ”that prophet”

As in, a forerunner to him

I want to


I wish that I could find a way to take,

Some better, (more accurate) IQ tests,

I scored 135 on a free online test that was rated accurate to 120 = (+ 15)

I scored 165 on a free online test that was rated accurate to 145 = (+ 20)

And with God’s Help,

(John 14:26) = “He shall teach you all things”

I believe that I would be able to best every IQ test that they could throw my way,


I wish to use this mind,,,

to challenge the scientists of this world system,

showing them how the Signature of God is in all of Creation


Your Bro, 

.      .       joe  

Just one of His creations:

My beliefs are:


There is a real God = God does exist, He created this world, He is the God of the Bible,

(Rom 1:20)= For the invisible things of him from the Creation of the world are clearly seen,,, so that they are without excuse

- all of creation proves it,

- fulfilled Bible prophecy proves it, =(this is what convinced me)

- the Bible Code proves it,

He is a personal God, He loves us and He lives within me

= in the form of the Holy Spirit,

Jesus is God, = Emmanuel, God with us, (Mathew 1:23)

the Trinity is Truth = I believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One God,

(Gen 1:26)= And God said, LET US MAKE man in our image

(Mat 6:9)= After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven

(John 1:1)= In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

(John 4:24)= God is a Spirit,,,

This world, (or the world system) is run by Satan

(II Cor 4:4)= In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which

believe not

I believe in the pre-trib rapture, that will happen before the 7 Hebrew years of tribulation

(Rev 4:1)=     a door was opened in heaven,,, Come up hither,

(Mat 24:31)=             his angels shall gather his elect

(Luk 21:36)=             pray that you may be able to escape

(1 Thes 4:17)=  after, we still alive will be caught up with them

(Rev 3:10)=   I also will keep you from the hour of temptation

(1Cor 15:52)=   in the twinkling of an eye,,, the dead shall be raised,,,

and we shall be changed in a flash,

(Tit 2:13)=   Looking for that blessed hope, AND the glorious appearing

(He comes twice)

The Holy Bible is truly the inerrant Word of God, there are no mistakes,

only mistranslations,

The earth is only about 6000 years old, fossils can only occur with quick burials,

(the evidence is everywhere,,, this world system just chooses to ignore it)

o       the fossil strata of the earths crust was laid down by the flood in Geneses

The Bible Code is Truth, it is real, and accurate, yet cannot be found until it happens,

(who knows how much of His-story is recorded in there )

We are now living in the "End Times", the time just before Christ’s imminent return,  


I have discovered many enlightening things with this mind that God has blessed me with,


things which include,,,

(1) - I try not to use the words “I am”,

as I have come to believe that this is the Name of God.

because in Exodus 3:14 God says:

“Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

and the third commandment warns us,

Exodus 20:7=”You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain'
Mark 13:6 = “
For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ

and in my King James version the word Christ is in a different font,

meaning that the word was not there in the original Greek text,

so it should say “many shall come,,, saying I am”


Have you noticed that lately,

there have been a lot of commercials,

that use “I am” in them,

I noticed first with the “I am Canadian” commercial,

Notice how it is used more in TV shows and movies,

People that boast say “I am” right, the boss, the best,

or some other very proud statement.


(2) - I know that the Trinity may be a problem for many people,

so I asked for some enlightenment,

and I believe that the Good Lord has shown me,

a good way of explaining the Trinity doctrine,,,

the Godhead is a Trinity

and man is also made in three parts


GOD    =            man

Father =            mind = in charge, brains, intelligence, memory

Son =                body = your frame, the part that feels, does + contains everything

Holy Spirit =             soul = personality, temperament, emotions


(3) - Aliens and ghosts are real,

Flying saucers and haunted houses really do exist,

they are just not what they pretend to be,

ALIENS are not further evolved creatures,

nor are GHOSTS the spirits of dead people,

They are both the spirits of fallen angels,,,

pretending to be other than they are,

in order to deceive us humans,

into believing that the Holy Bible is false,

(they are all male,,, no female, deceiving spirits, )


Just like before the flood, (Geneses 6:2)

I believe that aliens will make their selves known to earth,

even appearing on TV,

shortly after, or immediately preceding the rapture,

probably giving a crafty explanation for the disappearances,

of all the born again Christians, (John 3:7)


(4) - Since becoming “born again”-(in 1988),

I have always known in my heart,

that we were the generation spoken of,

in the Bible, that got to see Christ return,

and I was always looking for proof,

to show both believers, and non believers,

just how close His coming was,,,

in all of His Glory and Power,


It seems pretty obvious to me.

that we are now living in the end times,

Even though so many people do not pay attention,

to the signs of the times all around us,

Now I have mathematical proof from the Bible,

that we are indeed the final generation,

before Christ returns to this earth,,,


Now,,,, please spread this argument around,

Spread this around to all the people that you know,

Because,,, I cannot see why no one has seen this before,

It could have been found ever since Israel took control of Jerusalem,

way back in 1967,,,,,,

(I guess that we just had to wait for His timing)



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